Recreation Rental Fees
Meeting Room $40.00/hour (3 hour min.)
Meeting Room and Kitchen Facilities   $60.00/hour (3 hour min.)
Gymnasium (1/2 day) $250.00
Gymnasium (full day) $400.00
Tennis Courts (1/2 day) $50.00
Tennis Courts (full day) $100.00
Outside Basketball Court (1/2 day) $50.00
Outside Basketball Court (full day) $100.00
Field Rental (1/2 day) $75.00/field
Field Rental (full day) $150.00/field
Field Rental for Practices  
Non Rec. Teams $15.00/hour
with lights  $25.00/hour
  • Full rental fee due at least 10 days prior to the scheduled rental day.  Please make checks payable to Perquimans County.
  • Must be at least 21 years old to reserve the facility.  An adult over the age of 21 must be present and serve as chaperone for all youth activities.
  • A Perquimans County employee must be present for all inside facility rentals.
  • Alcoholic beverages, gambling, drugs, tobacco products, and weapons/firearms are prohibited in the facility.  Alcoholic beverages, gambling, drugs, and weapons/firearms are prohibited on all grounds.
  • Perquimans County regularly scheduled functions are not cancelled in order to accommodate rental requests.
  • No food or drink allowed in the gymnasium.  High heel and black shoes also not allowed in the gymnasium.
  • No wall decorations are allowed.
  • Floors must be picked swept and tables cleaned after use by the rental party.  All trash must be picked up.
  • Rental parties may be subject to additional fees for damage or failure to adequately clean the facility.