Vehicle taxes are billed annually and according to the vehicle's registration period. Tax notices are mailed approximately 3 months after a vehicle's registration is renewed or a vehicle is newly licensed. Taxes can be partially prorated if a vehicle is sold and the license plate is turned in to NCDMV, and one or more full months remain on the registration. You must show proof that the vehicle was sold and the plate was turned in. The assessed value of a vehicle is based on its retail value. The value may be appealed if done so prior to the bill becoming past due.

Vehicles taxes become due the 4th month after the vehicle has received a new registration or renewed its registration with DMV. Vehicle taxes must be paid in 30 days to avoid interest or penalties. The Tax Department will block the vehicle's registration with DMV if the taxes are not paid promptly. DMV will not send registration renewal cards to the owner of any vehicles that has a registration block. Registrations blocked for non-payment of taxes cannot be renewed until the taxes are paid.

Contact the Tax Administrator

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Tax Administrator
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